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LandStar 7 For PC / Windows 7/8/10 / MacLandStar 7 Download for PC: Using android apps on PC is not an impossible feat anymore. If you want to use an Android App on your PC which has no website version or Windows Version, you can still use it on PC. Here, we will let you know about, how can you Download LandStar 7 for PC Windows 10/8/7 and Mac OS X.

First of all, let me tell you that we will be using an Android Emulator to use LandStar 7 on your laptop. Android Emulator is a software that runs an environment of Android Devices on your PC and lets you use the Android Apps on ur Laptop. There are are many Android Emulators available in the market, and we have made a detailed list of all of them for you on our blog. Without further ado, lets move towards the guide on how to use Simulation App – LandStar 7.

LandStar 7 for PC – Technical Specifications

Title LandStar 7 for PC
Category Maps & Navigation App
Developed By
File size 80M
Installations 10,000+
Rating 4.1/5.0
Req Android version 4.2 and up

LandStar 7 lies in the category of Maps & Navigation App on the Android play store. With it’s simple to use and easy to navigate UI, LandStar 7 App has got over 10,000+ installations with an exceptional rating of 4.1 stars from the users.

You can also download the App from play store on your Android  Here is the play store link for you –

LandStar 7
LandStar 7
Price: Free
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LandStar 7 Download and Install on PC

As mentioned earlier, we will be using Android emulators to download and install your favorite App LandStar 7 on PC. Follow any of the mentioned ways below to install the app on your laptop.

Install LandStar 7 for PC

There are a lot of Android Emulators on the Market nowadays but one of the few best is Bluestacks, Knox, and Memuplay. All of these Emulators are listed by us in our Blog here and you can simply download any of it by going to the link given below in the instructions. So let’s start and move towards the instructions on How can you get your favorite App LandStar 7 on your PC using an Android emulator.

  • Step 1Download Android Emulator on your computer. Download link – Download Emulator of your Choice.
  • Step 2: To install the Emulator, double click on the downloaded .exe file of the emulator you downloaded.
  • Step 3: Launch the Emulator app now.
  • Step 4: First thing you need to do is Log in with your Google account on the next screen.
  • Step 4: Next, on the home screen of Emulator, Find the Google Playstore app, and click on it.
  • Step 5: After the Google play store opens up, search for – “ to download it on your PC.
  • Step 6: Click on the install button to start installing LandStar 7 on Bluestacks PC.
  • Step 7: Upon the completion of the installation process, you can find the LandStar 7 app icon in the installed apps folder of your Emulator.

LandStar 7 Download for PC – Features:

Developed by CHC Technology Co., Ltd(, LandStar 7 is the newest field-proven software solution for Android. Designed for high precision surveying and mapping tasks for your everyday work.If you are new to LandStar 7, you will be impressed by its seamless work mode management, easy-to-use and easy-to-learn graphical user interface with simple operation. Extensive data import/export formats and multiple types of measurement and stakeout methods ensure instant productivity.Top Features:1.One-button Switching Dual StylesSimple Style, for entry-level surveyors, with basic functions in one screen.Classic Style, for professional surveyors, with all functions showing in different tables based on the frequently used work flow.2.Various Base Map DisplaysOSM, BING, Google, WMS online maps.DXF, SHP, TIF, SIT, KML, KMZ offline maps3.Extensive Import and Export Data FormatsImport from DXF, SHP, KML, KMZ, CSV, TXT and CGO formats.Export to DXF, SHP, KML, KMZ, RAW, HTML, CSV, TXT formats.Customized import and export contents in CSV or TXT formats.4.Various Types of MeasurementSupports static, RTK and stop &amp go measurement. 7 methods of point measurement, including topographic point, control point, quick point, continuous point, offset point, EBubble compensated point and corner point.5.Various Peripherals SupportedPipeline detector, VIVAX-METROTECH vLocPro2.Laser rangefinder, Leica Disto,SNDWay and Bosch.Echo sounder, sonarmite,NMEA DPT and DBT.6.Convenient Work Mode ManagementPresetting common work modes of base and rover, switching work modes by one button. Convenient to work in stop&ampgo based on real-time kinematic (RTK) mode and static mode can be set at the same time.7.Standard CGD correction fileCHCNAV own CGD file for grid/geoid correction. Datum grid, plane grid and height geoid files are integrated in one CGD file, and each CGD file name is corresponding to coordinate system.Multiple grid formats are available, GGF, BIN,GRT, GRD, GSF, GRI,BYN,ASC.8.User-friendly Stakeout Interface Two modes for stakeout, map mode shows the current position and target position, compass mode shows the target direction. Users can set North, Sun or point as a reference direction.9.Multiple Types of StakeoutPoint and line stakeout by snapping feature point on DXF base map or survey point.Surface stakeout with 3D DXF, XML, HCT formats.10.Correction Repeater FunctionEasily repeating correction data from RTK network or radio mode to other rovers via radio.RTCM Transformation MessageUsing RTCM transformation messages (1021-1027) for datum transformation, projection, automated grid position and geoid adjustments.11.CHCNAV Cloud ServiceAllows for uploading and downloading projects, coordinate systems, work modes and code lists.12.Quick Data ShareUse Gmail, WhatsApp, Google Drive, Skype to share your dataShare your projects, coordinate systems, points, work modes, codes, reports and results.13.Powerful Road FunctionsCreate road elements in field, perfectly match your design data.Support center line, cross section, profile, slope, structure, culvert and stakes.Different views are available for stakes, slope, structure and data check.14.Field Hardware SupportSupports CHC i90 with firmware v2.0.11, i80/i70/M6 receiver with the firmware v1.6.55, i50 receiver with the firmware v1.0.38, X91+/X900+ receiver with the firmware v8.39 and above, as well as internal GPS of Android smartphone and handheld controller.15.Data Collection HardwareLandStar 7 used with CHC HCE320 is the most compatible way, it can also be used with CHC HCE300, LT600, LT700, LT700H or other Android devices of v4.2 and above.16.Language supportLandStar7 is available in Bulgarian, Croatian, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Hungarian, Iranian, Japanese, Kazakh, Korean, Persian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Slovak, Thailand, Traditional Chinese,Turkish,Mongolian and Vietnamese.

LandStar 7 for PC – Conclusion:

LandStar 7, is one of the very good App in the Maps & Navigation App category. did a very good job at designing a good UI and UX for App. We have provided a detailed guide on how to download and install LandStar 7 on PC using emulators of your choice. Now you can download and use the App not only on Android devices but as well as Laptops and PC running Windows OS. if you have any queries regarding the process or the Application please leave the queries in the comment section below, and don’t forget to follow our blog for the latest updates and share as sharing is caring. 🙂

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